Data Beaver

Africa’s first integrated data collection tool

DataBeaver is the most coherent way to know about your customers, location and brand reputation.


Smart flexible forms

DataBeaver offers fully customisable forms with a wide variety of input elements that can collect any kind of data in multiple formats including image uploads, location data and land area.

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Offline data capture

With Databeaver mobile app, agents can continue gathering data in whatever location they find themselves in, whether there is an internet connection or not. Offline entries are queued on the app and uploaded once an internet connection is detected.


At the click of a button, your field agent can capture the area of a piece of land or any physical space. The result is shown on the admin as an image with the converted value in square metres

Get the right kind of data

Minimize the amount of wrong data inputted by users by setting the type and length of input required which would validate the entry in real-time before submission.

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Validate data gathered

Get clean data by being able to accept or reject data gathered based on your criteria. DataBeaver answers all your questions about your data: who, what, when, where and how the data was collected.

More features

Here are even more exciting features you should know about.

  • Export your data for analysis

    DataBeaver provides APIs, and documentation needed to seamlessly integrate into your existing third-party systems as well as exports to Excel spreadsheets for manipulation.

  • Global data entry map

    Easily see all the points on a map where data has been collected for you. This is very useful in boardroom presentations to show the coverage of your data gathering exercise.

  • Manage field agents

    Invite, contact or deactivate agents that collect data for you on the field. Once agent has been added to your organisation, you can push future survey forms to them.

Project management support

In Nigeria, we have agents in each of the local government areas across the country. We can work with you to recruit the best agents in your location that will be useful to carrying out your survey.

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Guaranteed outcomes for your business

DataBeaver guarantees your business four major benefits: Precision, Clarity, Savings, and Growth

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  • Precision

    Get detailed real-time information on the integrity of the data collected and ensure the validity of the data.

  • Clarity

    Gain clarity into your business operations, by being able to effectively collect data about your business and customers.

  • Savings

    Reduce spend on paper-based forms, man-power and start projects almost immediately without additional human bottlenecks that can introduce data pollution.

  • Growth

    Reach more people by being able to gather data from anywhere in the world, with or without internet connection. Leverage insights generated to improve and grow your business.