Data Beaver


Improve customer service

Complement the product data from your network and communication services with real user feedback.

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"Data is becoming the new raw material for business"

Craig Mundie, Senior advisor to CEO OF Microsoft

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What DataBeaver can do in telecom

  • Cross-country trade visibility

    Know your level of visibility in the country and compare against that of competitors.

  • Strategic merchandise distribution

    Optimise your merchandise and marketing efforts based on effectively carried out trade visibility surveys

  • Understand brand perception

    Know what emotions customers associate with your brand.

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Impact we’ve made so far

Over the last 4 years, we’ve worked with telecom companies who trusted us with the job of collecting data

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Guaranteed outcomes for your business

DataBeaver guarantees your business four major benefits: Precision, Clarity, Savings, and Growth

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  • Precision

    Get detailed real-time information on the integrity of the data collected and ensure the validity of the data.

  • Clarity

    Gain clarity into your business operations, by being able to effectively collect data about your business and customers.

  • Savings

    Reduce spend on paper-based forms, man-power and start projects almost immediately without additional human bottlenecks that can introduce data pollution.

  • Growth

    Reach more people by being able to gather data from anywhere in the world, with or without internet connection. Leverage insights generated to improve and grow your business.