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DATABEAVER IN government

Know your constituency & make data-driven decisions

The move to e-governance starts with a knowledge of one’s citizens and constituency. Be empowered to collect the data you need to make policy prescriptions without having to rely solely on third-party information.

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"Data remains a necessity for any policy prescriptions–whether at federal, state or local government level – for achieving desirable development impacts."

Dr Yemi Kale, Statistician General of the Federation

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What DataBeaver can do in government

  • Achieve fairness in providing aid to citizens

    DataBeaver helps Governments to accurately identify beneficiaries for social impact programmes like conditional cash transfer, and micro-lending. This data can then be fed seamlessly to the disbursement system.

  • Know your constituency

    Because DataBeaver can help you capture any kind of data, it can be used to learn about both the people in your community or the state of the infrastructure.

  • Digitise your operations

    The world is going digital, your administration too can. Say no to paper forms used in manual approval processes or monitoring and evaluation exercises.

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Impact we’ve made so far

Over the last 4 years, we’ve worked with government officials who trusted us with the job of collecting data

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Guaranteed outcomes for your business

DataBeaver guarantees your business five major benefits: Precision, Clarity, Savings, Growth and Reach

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  • Precision

    Get details about your data that reassure you of the integrity of the data collected.

  • Clarity

    Gain clarity into your business operations, by being able to effectively collect data about your business and customers.

  • Savings

    DataBeaver helps you compress both data collection and entry into one. Thereby, saving on turnaround time and human resources cost

  • Reach

    Data without boundaries. Gather data from anywhere in the world, both online and on-field simultaneously, whether or not you have agents.

  • Growth

    Leverage insights from your data collection exercise to improve and grow your business.