Data Beaver

Get reliable data for informed decision-making

DataBeaver simplifies the process of data collection and analysis for businesses.

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Collect any kind of data with precision

DataBeaver offers the capabilities that enables researchers and businesses to collect any type of data, whether it is biometric, geographic or alphanumeric. Users can easily distribute their forms via an online link or through our mobile app for agents

Preview forms created in real-time

Reduce the time spent on testing the look-and-feel of your forms after creating them. With DataBeaver, you can instantly preview how your form will look even when accessed on a mobile device.

screenshot of data beaver form builder

Validate data gathered

Get clean data by being able to accept or reject data gathered based on your criteria. DataBeaver answers all your questions about your data: who, what, when, where and how the data was collected.

Access your data for further analysis

Carry out further analysis on your data either by manually exporting into CSV or by integrating directly with our APIs.

Image showing shared Data beaver form on istagram
  • DataBeaver as a technology product has helped seamlessly achieve deployment, monitoring and evaluating of the farmers out-grower programme

    Mr Richard Ogundele

    Chief Executive Director , JMSF Agri-Business

  • With Databeaver, Softcom has successfully been able to collect data across multiple sectors with no restriction to the type of data needed

    Uti Abasi-Ubong

    Project manager, Softcom

    Guaranteed outcomes for your business

    DataBeaver guarantees your business four major benefits: Precision, Clarity, Savings, and Growth

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    • Precision

      Get detailed real-time information on the integrity of the data collected and ensure the validity of the data.

    • Clarity

      Gain clarity into your business operations, by being able to effectively collect data about your business and customers.

    • Savings

      Reduce spend on paper-based forms, man-power and start projects almost immediately without additional human bottlenecks that can introduce data pollution.

    • Growth

      Reach more people by being able to gather data from anywhere in the world, with or without internet connection. Leverage insights generated to improve and grow your business.